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London Collection

A unique series of Lectures for Cruise Ship Passengers and Organisations

“The London Collection”

Guest Speaker Genevieve Dawid and
 London’s eminent Chartered Building Surveyor and architectural designer
Richard David have joined forces in producing a unique visual series of multimedia lectures for cruise passengers

Genevieve Dawid MIoD

Guest Speaker for London, Worldwide Destination Lecture,
Consultant and Author.

Richard David BSc FRICS MCIOB MCIArb

London’s eminent Chartered Building Surveyor of Period Properties

Richard David
Genevieve DAwid

“The London Collection”

The history, architecture and palaces of London, England

Genevieve Dawid MIoD started her international guest speaking career in 1997 providing lectures on London to a worldwide audience. She currently lectures on cruise ships and is passionate about cruising having now spent over 20 years visiting hundreds of ports!

Richard David is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, with a practice in Mayfair, London.  He is also a qualified lecturer in building construction and has specialised in period buildings in London for the past twenty five years.

Genevieve and Richard have combined their knowledge to create an exceptional series of lectures to entertain, educate and enthral passengers.

The programme of lectures have been composed to appeal to a diverse audience and cover in detail the fascinating historical, cultural and architectural significance of the most prominent parts of London.

Unique footage will also feature many hidden architectural gems.

Choice of lectures

“The London Collection”
The history, architecture and palaces of London

Ideal for any duration of cruises from transatlantic to longer voyages! As well as for those looking to promote or educate about London.

Here is an overall view of “The London Collection”. However, they can be divided into as many lectures that are required up to a maximum of twenty. Focus subject areas can also be chosen.

Lecture One - “Londinium” Introduction and origins - much of which can still be seen today.

London was once known as Londinium in Roman times. We explain how it changed hands many times, each era leaving their own mark on the city.

Take an intriguing look at the very sites of those early beginnings, the world famous locations that we can see today and how they have they evolved over the centuries.

Lecture Two – Middle Ages – Plus!
Including the reigns of King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Charles I, Charles II, Oliver Cromwell, the great fire of London and much more.

An incredible time in London’s history. This lecture focuses on royalty, culture and disciplines of the time which explains how and why so many famous buildings were built. Much can be seen through the buildings which still exist today. As in all the lectures the past will be explained and the present revealed.

Lecture Three - “18th Century London”

The rapid growth of London, The early stirrings of the Industrial Revolution, and London's role at the centre of the evolving British Empire. During the Georgian period London spread beyond its traditional boundaries at an accelerating pace. This fascinating lecture clarifies how London developed in everyway, especially the buildings from that period which shaped London for good.

Lecture Four - “19th Century London”
World famous Landmarks, Housing, Roads, Railways and Canals

Life on the move! Victorian England - A wealth of changes were happening to London at this time and magnificent buildings were impressing the world.
Major landmarks, splendid housing, museums, and railways were being built, enlarged or created.  Little known parts of London are revealed.

Lecture Five - “20th Century London” –  Memory Lane!

Wow – what a decade! Massive cultural changes explained along with the new ventures in buildings and infrastructure.  The lecture takes an in depth look at fashion, food, music and attitude. We also take an in-depth look at how each decade made changes to the buildings and environments of Londoners.  This lecture offers an insight for those who didn’t live through all these decades and a nostalgic joy ride for those who did!  


“The Additional London Collection” lectures”


Lecture Six - “London’s Palaces”

Please note: All the London palaces are covered in “the original London Collection”.

However, this series provides a far greater in-depth look at these fabulous London palaces, with a lot of additional footage.

London’s palaces are probably the finest in the world. In this lecture the audience get to find out more about their location, history and the secrets that lie behind them. Their fabulous interiors and construction are revealed and also how they are utilised today. Genevieve also shares her fond memories of the time she has spent in some of them.

Lecture Seven - “The wars, the devastation and the re-building of London”

Please note: The wars are covered in “The Original London Collection”.
However, this lecture provides a far greater in-depth look at what happened during that time using some unique colour footage.

Both World Wars had a devastating effect on the city of London.

How did the home fires keep burning and incredibly how was this immortal city
was re-built piece by piece? This amazing reflective lecture shows the devastation, positive attitude, and impact that the wars had on London and its people.

Lecture Eight – London “Seeing the Sights”

(This can be created in conjunction with any shore excursions which the ship may be offering to passengers).

Voted as one of the most famous cities in the world, London is a fascinating place. What does the 21st century London have to offer visitors? We take a virtual tour round London, covering far more than its famous landmarks as there are many unknown gems that few know about.

Lecture Nine – History of London’s docklands and 2012 London Olympic games

The history of the docks is a fascinating one and the future of it being the main venue for the next Olympics is incredible. In this lecture you will see the extent of how this area has changed and Genevieve explains how she got involved in part of its transformation.

Lecture Ten - “Royal Britannia” – The Royal Yacht

Queen Elizabeth II never built a royal palace as such, although Her Majesty has superbly maintained and allowed members of the public to share in there magnificence. However, she did commission one of the world’s most famous yachts.

This lecture creates a unique detailed insight into the Royal Yacht Britannia, a floating royal residence. This is such a popular lecture that it has been included in this series of lectures.

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Ah “The London collection” is a mind of information delivered in detailed sophistication, experience and wisdom. Even a Scot like me can enjoy it… parallel in top attraction and informative talks…nice on the eye, good for the soul, easy on the feet

Derek Shank
Tour on tour, Britain

Genevieve Dawid

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