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About Genevieve Dawid MIoD

Genevieve was born in England and has travelled the world. Her unusual start to life meant she had to overcome many difficulties, but her determination has led to an incredible career.

Having held senior positions in major corporations for many years she went on to jointly start a highly successful award winning business partnership, before branching out on her own career.

In 1997 Genevieve became a professional guest speaker and subsequently has been involved in television, documentaries and radio.

She also achieved another life goal, writing and publishing “The Achievers Journey”, a special self help mentoring book which is in part an autobiography. Since then she has had many articles published.

Genevieve also publishes her articles on travel around the world.

It was Genevieve’s first cruise over 22 years ago that created her passion for cruising; a passion that has led to an important part of her career as a Port and Destination lecture on cruise ships. She is in the unique position of having visited hundreds of ports and destinations worldwide. Each lecture is unique complimenting the ethos of the cruise ship jointly enhancing the overall enjoyment of the voyage for the guests onboard. 

Also specialising in history, her years of extensive research have combinated into enhancement lectures presenting the fascinating history of destinations “origins of destinations, then and now” which reveal the past and relate this to the destination today.

Genevieve also presents “Sail-in” and “Sail-out” talk over’s which provide an informative and entertaining experience for cruise guests. 

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Photographs by Ken Lennox – World renowned professional photographer of the Royal family, Celebrities, war photography. Also a respected lecturer.


Photographs by Bernie Raffe Photography
Professional photographer and respected cruise lecturer.


Photographs by David Freeman, David Freeman Photography
Professional photographer and photography coach.

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Genevieve Dawid – Destination Lecturer


  • The talks were highly detailed and were undoubtedly the result of a huge amount of research and were based upon actual personal experiences in each of the destinations
  • The talks were delivered in a clear and engaging manner
  • With out exception all the talks were attended by a maximum capacity audience
  • There is no doubt that the talks greatly added to the overall enjoyment of all the passengers

Mr Richard Atkins



Genevieve Dawid

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